Were you displeased with the outcome of your case? Did the Judge make a mistake of law or an error in your case? Was the outcome of your case unfair or unjust? Has a lawyer advised you that you should appeal your case?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need a lawyer with ample experience in handling appeals. Appeals are very complex, require a significant amount of legal research, require hours upon hours of writing, require a lawyer to possess excellent knowledge of the law and skill in writing, and require a careful reading of the record and excellent recall of the specific facts of a case. Just figuring out what court to appeal to can be a complicated analysis. If you want to appeal your case to a higher court, you need a lawyer who is gifted at writing and arguing. At Lowry Law, you willfind just that: an attorney with an excellent track record in handling appeals, who is recognized by peers as a gifted writer, and who has the skills to argue your case brilliantly. Many lawyers do not handle appeals because they are so complex and require excellent writing skills, so it would be a mistake to try to handle an appeal yourself. Contact us to find out whether appealing your case is a wise course of action.

Appeals from Magistrate Court

Did you know that, if you lose your case in the Magistrate Court, you can appeal it to the Superior Court, who will hear the case de novo, meaning all over again? You basically have a second chance at winning your case, but you will need an attorney experienced in handling appeals to ensure that your case is appealed in time and in the appropriate court. If you went to Magistrate Court and were dissatisfied with the outcome, call us at Lowry Law today for a free consultation about appealing your case.

Our Approach

At Lowry Law, we have a proven track record of filing and winning appeals. Attorney Bree Kellett Lowry has a significant amount of experience writing appellate briefs for appeals to the highest courts in the State of Georgia. Lawyers who are familiar with Ms. Lowry will attest to her skills as an appellate attorney. Ms. Lowry is admitted to practice in the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia. Ms. Lowry also has ample experience appealing cases from the Magistrate Court and Probate Court to the Superior Court. If you want to appeal your case, you need to speak with an appellate attorney immediately, as there is only a short window of time in which you can file a Notice of Appeal or make application to appeal, depending on what kind of case you wish to appeal. Call us at Lowry Law if you want excellent representation in your appeal.

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