Contract Law & Disputes

Has anyone ever made you a promise and broken it? Did you make a deal with someone on a handshake and “your word,” only to have the other person not fulfill his or her part of the bargain? Or did you enter into a formal, written contract for the purchase of personal or real property, and the other party did not perform his or her part of the contract? Did you purchase something from a business, have something go wrong with the item you purchased, try to return the item or have the business repair the problem, and have the business refuse a refund or repair work?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need a lawyer with ample experience in handling breach of contract cases and who is very knowledgeable in contract law. Contract cases are very complex, require a significant amount of legal research, often require hours of drafting motions and briefs, require a lawyer to possess excellent knowledge of the law and skill in writing, and require a careful reading of the contract, if written, and excellent recall of the specific facts of a case.

At Lowry Law, you will find just that: an attorney with a proven track record in handling breach of contract cases, who is recognized by peers as a gifted writer, and who is very knowledgeable in contract law, whether the transaction is commercial or between two private persons. Many lawyers do not handle contract cases because they are so complex and require excellent writing skills, so it would be a mistake to try to handle a breach of contract case yourself. Contact us for a free consultation to determine whether you have a breach of contract case.

Our Approach

At Lowry Law, we have a proven track record of filing and winning breach of contract cases. Attorney Bree Kellett Lowry has a significant amount of experience writing motions and briefs, and lawyers who are familiar with Ms. Lowry will attest to her writing and research skills. If you need excellent representation in a contract case, call Lowry Law!

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