Juvenile Law

Is the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS or DFACS) suddenly involved in your family’s life? Has DFCS removed your children from your home and filed a case against you in Juvenile Court? Has your child committed a crime or received a ticket for a traffic violation? Has DFCS taken your grandchildren from their parents, and you need to intervene to get custody of your grandchildren so that they do not end up in a foster home? Are you related to or considered “fictive kin” of a child in DFCS’ custody and need to intervene to get custody or permanent guardianship of the child?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in Juvenile Law.

While Juvenile Law is often included with other Family Law matters, not all Family Law attorneys have the knowledge necessary to handle Juvenile Law cases, such as knowledge of the Juvenile Code and Juvenile Court practice and procedure.  Further, not all Family Law attorneys have experience in handling Dependency cases (where DFCS is involved) and Delinquency proceedings (brought by the District Attorney against a child who has committed a crime). If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in Juvenile Law.

Because Dependency cases have numerous hearings, varying burdens of proof, strict time limits, and case plans for parents to complete, a Dependency case is not comparable to a typical divorce or child custody matter. Therefore, you need an attorney who specializes in Juvenile Law by your side to help guide you through the rigorous, sometimes confusing, and often emotional process of a Dependency proceeding. We have ample experience representing parents, grandparents, other relatives, fictive kin, and children involved in Dependency cases. In addition, Bree Kellett Lowry currently serves as the Guardian ad Litem and Child Attorney for all of the children in DFCS’ custody in Upson County Juvenile Court.


Juvenile Court

If your child has been charged with committing a crime or has received a ticket for a traffic violation, you will find yourself in Juvenile Court, and you will need an attorney who has knowledge and experience in both Criminal Law and Juvenile Law to guide you through the process, fight for your child’s constitutional rights, and obtain the best possible outcome. Not only do we handle Juvenile Law matters, but we also handle criminal charges. And we have experience in representing children in Delinquency proceedings.

Grandparents’ Rights

We often hear clients say, “Well, in Georgia, grandparents don’t have any rights.” Although that statement might be correct in that grandparents are not entitled to custody or visitation with their grandchildren, it isn’t correct when it comes to grandparents asking the Court for custody or visitation. Under Georgia law, grandparents clearly have the right to seek custody of or obtain visitation with their grandchildren in many cases. In addition, grandparents can intervene in Dependency cases in Juvenile Court and obtain custody or permanent guardianship of their grandchildren. Also, grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren can adopt their grandchildren. So, maybe it is more correct to say that Georgia law recognizes the importance of grandparents and provides several ways for grandparents to protect the bond that they have with their grandchildren.

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