Property Law

Do you own property with another person and need the property partitioned (split)? Or do you need to sell the property, but the other owner refuses to sell? Did you inherit property along with other heirs, and there is disagreement over what to do with the property? Did you purchase property with someone with whom you were involved in a romantic relationship, a relationship which ended, and you need a court to resolve who will keep the property, how the person who does not keep the property will be paid for his or her interest in the property, or whether the property needs to be sold? Is someone claiming to own your property or an interest in your property? Has someone filed a lien on your property, or does someone claim to have a security deed on your property that you did not authorize? Do you and a neighbor have a dispute over where your respective property lines are? Is someone using your property without your permission?  Are you a landlord who needs to evict a tenant? Are you renting a house, and the landlord is attempting to wrongfully evict you or is refusing to make repairs to the property?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need a lawyer with ample experience in handling property disputes and who is very knowledgeable in property law. Property cases can be very complex, may require a significant amount of legal research, often require hours of drafting motions and briefs, and require a lawyer to possess excellent knowledge of the law and skill in writing.

At Lowry Law, you will find that we have a proven track record in handling property dispute cases, and we are very knowledgeable in property law, whether the matter involves real property or personal property. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your property issues.

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